This is a great month for new gear! Yesterday my latest gear arrived; the all new 2013 Quatro Quad LS 84. I hope I get to sail this beauty soon. As always I will share my thoughts on this board in a small review. Let’s start with some images of this beauty.



The Essential Store not only received the new Quad LS but also a full range of Thruster LS boards.

Did this get your interest? Below are all the specs for the new 2013 Quatro boards. Enjoy!

Here’s the full review.

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11 Comments to "QUATRO QUAD LS 2013 (PREVIEW)"

  1. steve says:

    These new Quads look great – any view on how they are supposed to perform compared to the current (2012) LS Quads?

    Also – keen to know how they are different to the Goya Quad??

    Hope to get my hands on one soon!

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Steve. I’ll give you some more info as soon as I’ve had a chance to do some testing/sailing.

  3. Bart says:

    Wow, nice prints on the new Quatro boards!

  4. fokkie says:

    nice boards i hope to test them once.
    good collored prints what i like…maybe i land my first forward with one of these….

  5. Edwin says:

    Looking good for sure. Maybe next friday some testing?

  6. steve says:

    So – whats the scoop Peter?
    How do they compare to the 2012?
    Compare with other quads like Fanatic, Goya, Simmer, Starboard??


  7. dani says:

    which volume (72 vs. 78 L) QUAD LS 2013 would you recommend as an ONE-AND-ONLY wave board for a 65-67 kg rider?

  8. Peter says:

    Hi Dani. With Quatro you can usually pick a bigger size as they feel quite small on the water. The light guys I know use 78l as their only board. I hope this helps.

  9. daveBosnia says:

    so I had the chance to demo an LS 84 quad, Ilnew pretty quick that this was a board I like, alot. bought and tried out today first session in full on 40-45 knot choppy and gusty conditions and first run out had a ramp line up and thought why not so put down a forward, have to say I’m supposed at how well the board felt in control when I’d have expected it to feel too big in this weather, turning on the wave was pretty good fun with a secure turn and slide if you want or snappy cut back if you don’t. lucky enough to have a second session later in the day with the wind around 27-33 knots so on 4.5, quick to plane super control for jumping and so much fun turning, best bits have to be foot loops feel secure for looping, deck pads great for one foot out heading up wind, decent float in this size but has a huge range from 5.8 when I demo’d and today with 4.0m gusting 45 knots then pukka using 4.5 in 27-30 knots, I’m so stoked with this board I’m sure I will learn some new moves because it just works,

  10. Peter says:

    Here’s the full review.

    Sorry it took me a little longer to write. Enjoy!

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