Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that my Soloshot arrived today. Don’t know what the Soloshot is? Check what the manufacturer has to say:

SOLOSHOT works by keeping your camera pointed at an arm band you wear while you are having fun. With 5+ hours of battery life and a 1500 ft range (half a kilometer), SOLOSHOT keep your camera pointed at you while you wear the armband during your filming session so you can re-live and share great moments, waves, jumps… Pass the remote to your friend for a ride or two and they can get some footage too. The best part? No one has to stand on the side of the action holding a camera all day! 


The remote is incredibly waterproof, shockproof and comfortable, and was designed for the harshest ocean environments sicne our first application was surfing.  SOLOSHOT comes with the standard camera mounting screw so it fits most cameras. SOLOSHOT also comes premounted to a custom professional tripod that can extend from 2 ft to over 5 ft.  Just hit our favorite spot, set up the SOLOSHOT tripod, press camera record, follow the armband pairing sequence and have fun knowing you are getting some sick footage. The pairing sequence means your SOLOSHOT will only follow YOU during your filming session even if there are 20 other people using their own SOLOSHOTs. When you finish your session the footage is right there for you to watch.

I’ve ordered mine a few months ago and it’s finally here. Off course the wind has disappeared for at least a week, but that will give me plenty off time to prepare.

Watch this space for a full review soon!

Here’s a video to demonstrate the many uses of the Soloshot.

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2 Comments to "SOLOSHOT (PREVIEW)"

  1. SOLOSHOT says:

    Hey guys! Glad you got your SOLOSHOT- looking good! Let us know if we can help with set up, etc. Looking forward to seeing your awesome footage!

    Caitlin with TEAM SOLOSHOT

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks Caitlin. We’ll keep you informed.

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