Less then a week and we’re off the Brandon Bay for our annual windsurf trip. We can’t wait! We’ll keep you updated about the trip through the website on a day to day basis (assuming we won’t be too tired to sit behind our laptops).

I’m currently completing the preparation. Several windsurf brands are supporting the trip which means there is some gear to collect before we leave. So far I’ve;

Collected a lot of wood which will be used in the van to build a frame which will keep the gear from damaging.

Received a package from Motion Windsurf Magazine for the goodybag.

And got a lot off gear from Unifiber.

Including this piece of technology.

Severne was so kind to let us test these top-sails and masts!

And a package arrived from Germany, would this be the ‘custom’ Irish Windsurf Trip team clothing ?!  :-)

And that’s just to get started!

Other brands that support us are Goya, Quatro, Ezzy, RRD, Severne  and the Essential Store. This can only turn out to be a great week. All I need to do now is wait for more gear to arrive before we pack up and leave. More in the next few days!

Read all about the trip in this post.

UnifiberSeverne Sails
Motion SurfmagazineRoberto Ricci DesignsQuatro boards
Essential StoreEzzy SailsGoya Windsurfing

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