Lets start with a compilation of 2012, a summary of all my windsurfsessions of the 2012 on different spots on the Dutch shore. I had several goals this year; I  made progression on my waveriding-skilz, sticked a lot of aerials and tacks and got closer to sticking backloops. So even when you get older, progression is still possible and for me one of the biggest challenges in windsurfing. Enjoy the vid!

Looking back at 2012 I can only say that we’ve had a great windsurfing year. I’ve posted all my sessions on Sessionlogs, just to keep track and help me to achieve my goal; having about 100 windsurfsessions a year to make an average of about two sessions a week. Just like any other athlete running, cycling or playing tennis etc.  After an epic week with great conditions it all came together on the last day of December. It was the biggest day in my windsurfing career. Fully powered with 4,7 in 28-35 knots side-off-winds and with clean 2-2,5m waves I’ve only seen in Brandon Bay so far. A true waveriderz wet dream! With images flashing through my head the whole day I assembled the data of last year (2012).


Let me explain a bit and jump to some conclusions. I’ve had 102 salt water sessions this year and only one of them was abroad, during our trip to Brandon Bay. That should have been a lot more, there! Last year I’ve had 101 but with about 25 sessions on my slalomgear with 9,0 and 11,0 sails. As I got rid of my slalomshizzle and invested in Supping I was certain to get to the same amount of TOW (Time On the Water) but hopefully with a lot of windsurfing.


So, at the end I’ve had 102 windsurfing-sessions and 20-30 sup-sessions! As you can see in the diagram, the numbers are even higher but that’s due to changing boards or sails during a session. I’ve had 12 epic sessions (5*) this year being well powered in good clean waves or big fat lines and another 25 big sessions (4*) combining good to gusty winds with average to great waves. All together that’s 37 real good windsurfing-days with big rides and big air. Also, as my weight is 86kg, with a modern quad or trifin around  or 5l above your weight and a three sail quiver (4,2/5,0/5,8) you can cover 80-90% of the possible TOW. And adding to that…I switched boards this year and went up in volume to have more planing time and more waves. What’s become very clear is that the new boards make riding bigger volumes possible without cutting down on high-end performance. As I sail my 6,2 and 5,4 in 17-27 knots, in 70% of the time the wind in the Netherlands is about that strength without having to ride more than an hour to the best side-shore spots (Ouddorp, Maasvlakte, Zandmotor, Scheveningen, Wijk aan Zee). More TOW is possible when your agenda is even more flexible than mine (this year I tried to block 3 hours a day just to be able to go out when the conditions were good) and when you’re willing to drive more miles and go roadtrippin’ to the Wadden islands (3h drive), Germany (Sylt 7h drive), Denmark (Hantsholm/Klittmoller 11h drive) or France (Bretagne 11h drive or Wissant 5h drive). My secret is a combination of living close to the sea (5 minutes), having a surf van with all my gear ready, the possibility to arrange my own agenda and the eagerness to have as much TOW as possible….I think that’s called passion…(oopppssss….I forgot to mention one real important fact…. having a supportive wife….)




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