So, if you want to but don’t dare, if you say you will but don’t go and if you visualized it but can’t pull the trigger you have to read this article. Like all sports, achievements are defined by technical, physical, tactical and mental factors. Looking at all the tutorials on the world wide web, everybody is talking and writing about the technical part of sticking moves. Apart from visualization and the big effect visualization has in learning new motor skills not much help is provided to cross the mental barriere of just doing it. I like to give it a try however as I’ve been working with tennisplayers and students for quite some time using mental tools to be more effective in all kinds of situations.

First part of course is goalsetting but I won’t waste too much of the time in telling you about the importance. Without focussing on a goal, progression in general simply takes too much time and you’ll never be able to reach your goal because you don’t have one. In this article the goal is to stick a forward loop but any other goal is possible. Looking at yourself as a person there are 3 steps before even executing the move; selfimage-motivation-acceptance. Every step is coachable as you probably understand, when your selfimage isn’t realistic, for example let’s say you just started windsurfing and you’re not able to plane using your footstraps, aiming to stick a forward loop on your next session is not the most realistic goal to achieve. But let’s say you’re qualified, you plane, gybe, waterstart, chophop etc on a sub 110 liter board and 5.5 sail or smaller and you’re really motivated to learn new moves. You love the progression and feel the rush in achieving your goals (and of course, showing those off to your friends, haha!) and….you’re willing to accept all consequences of trying to achieve your goal. Yes… all consequences? So, what consequences are we talking about? Yep, let’s sum up a few; failure, pain, damage, anger, time and you can probably name some more.

Before giving you some tools you’ll first have to understand some of the most critical parts in human behaviour. First; our behaviour is driven by only two forces; moving towards joy and moving away from pain. The avoiding pain mechanism is build in our genes for one simple reason; survival. But, it’s even stronger than our survival-modus as it’s also the force in peoples choice to commit suicide (apart from the fanatics in some religions). Second; as shown in a lot of research lately, about 98% of our behaviour is driven by our subconsciousness. So now you know, when you’re (conscious) brain is telling you to go for the forward loop and the subconscious part of your brain says ‘act normal, stupid’, ‘don’t be a fool’ and ‘watch out’ and all the warningsigns are red, the chance you won’t pull the trigger is quite big simply because of the influence of the subconscious part of our brain.

The Joy/Pain mechanism that creates the direction in our lives is driven by emotions simply because joy and pain are emotions. It is what we feel! Joy and pain are not words, they are sensations in our body specified in joy, fun, pleasure and anger, fear, disgust and sadness…. physical sensations! So, the third conclusion in the most critical parts in understanding human behaviour is that we are driven by emotions and all these emotions are just triggered by recognizing situations from the moment we were able to use our senses.

Realizing these three parts of human behaviour cause a different approach in the way you prepare for new situations with the element of fear. You have to prepare the subconscious part of your brain!

What are the consequences to stick a forward loop? Mental preparation! And if you’re eager to read how and get some useful mental tools just like the article on FB by pressing the button above or on our, 50 likes for part 2, haha!

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(Rider: Dany Bruch – Photo: John Carter, Red Bull Storm Chase)

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  1. Rob says:

    Hi Jacco,

    Goed bezig Dude! Klinkt logisch…

    Wie ben ik, hoe kijk ik naar mezelf
    Wil ik het,intrinsieke motivatie
    Acceptatie of het lukt/ of niet

    Ik wil wel in je test groep :-)
    Succes en volg je op de voet.



  2. Jacco says:

    And Rob…, got into one allready? 😉

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