It must be my feminin side but I love the colors and looks of this sail on the water and yes, I want to show off to my friends so this review is probably as subjective as it possibly can be. However, I’ll try to be realistic, haha! Hotsails is one of the most innovating brands looking at the Firelight but not really a brand that I would sail. Small window, fancy colours and graphics…I just didn’t like the looks that much. But that was just until the KS3 showed up; simple, light, minimalistic, compact and great colors. I LIKE!!!!

After sailing North for years and Neil Pryde Atlas for the last two years I was looking for a new kit. I tested the P7 Salt and Ezzy Elite and compared it to the feeling of my NP Atlas and the North Ice I sailed for so many years. I loved the power of the Atlas but after 150 sessions my most used sails 4,7 and 5,4 are just completely worn out with torn windows and panels, just not strong enough. So now, I would prefer Ezzy for durability and Severne or 5-Oceans for light weight, would it be possible to combine both? 5-Oceans probably would, but they’re highly priced and as a company not easy to get to some kind of sponsorship. However, a light, responsive yet strong sail is just what I am looking for and isn’t that what all wavesailors would love? I chose the Atlas for its power and because Philip Koster was riding them ;), so no excuses haha but the power of the NP Atlas was just too much when waveriding. Depowering was not easy for me and on full power I got blown out of the turns too often. So, instead of power and early planing I started looking for a sail that would improve my level of waveriding without too much effort. And here it is…..

On the land

Rig it on a flextop mast, best mast would be the Hotrod Ultra. I sailed it on my Unifiber 400 80% flextop and that worked fine. I will however get me the Hotrod Ultra and sell the Unifibers, just to get the best out of the sail. Adjusting downhaul is easy and compared to any other sail. The first secret of the sail is the big wrinkle close to the mast. Wind is needed to shape the sail and create a deep profile which has enormous stability. Even when you pull the outhaul in overpowered conditions, the wrinkle will stay there so the profile is secured and the sail won’t feel nervous. The second secret is the power-triangle created by the white lining which divides the window in two. The power stays at the same spot and will provide the pull you need just until you de-power the sail. The last secret comes when you pick up the rig, it’ll make you smile because it’s f*cking light! Check the vid below and watch the sail perform. You can see the sail de-power and see how the power-triangle stays in shape when overpowered. Too bad you need more masts than you would like. On 4,0 a 340, on 4,6 a 370 and a 400 on a 5,2. Check the Hotsails website for the specs

On the water

The sail is light! It sails like any other sail when powered up so nothing special although that is quiet special considering the 3-battens. It is very stable due to the deep profile. I expected it to be overpowered in the conditions in the vid, especially on the outside but the sail never felt like that, only a little trembling in strong gusts in the lowest part of the power-triangle. The secret reveals itself while carving into the bottom-turn, you can see the sail flattening out completely losing all of its power. That will make it possible to draw the tightest turns possible, surfboard-style or choose to be powered up and ride the rail going down the line . When I look back at the vid I am definitely going to improve that and go more vertical.


Goodlooking, superlight, stable and depowers brilliantly and it will for sure help me to improve my waveriding. I ordered myself a set at Zuidwest6, toys for boys!!

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  1. Jeroensurf says:

    I ride the KS3 (by some called the Kids sail due the compact shape) since mid october and what besides the lack of battens is a bit of a secret of the sail is the bottom S batten. The S batten allows the sail to go instantly flat when depowering while keeping a belly while sheeting in.
    This profile thing works no matter how full or flat you tune the OH. I sailed it with a deep belly allover the boom and working fine till completely flat, flatter as anything else and in both ways the sail still works where others couldnt be sailed like that.
    Less battens means also a quicker and more ressponsive sailcloth as battens stabilize but also delay movements of the cloth in the sail. This makes the sail for a wavesail serious fast.
    Faster as you notice on first sight till you suddenly outrunning people who are 15kg lighter and on the same sailsize. Also faster in responding on a gust or releasing the power in a hard topturn. Overall it changed my style of sailing like the twins did after years of singlefins and now making most 5 batten sails feel rather dull.
    Mark my words, there will come a lot of copycats of this sail because this is a true gamechanger!

    Some more reviews and Q&A about the KS3 in English:

    And in Dutch:

    • Onbehouwen says:

      Lijkt me HET superzeil voor me. Ik denk aan een 4.6 ter vervanging van 4.0 en 4.7 Naish Force. Gaat dat lukken qua wind range? Jammer van de masten. Moet naar flextop ipv CC Caas. Nog kans dat HS volgend jaar meerdere zeilen op 1 mastlengte gaat vbouwen?

      • Jacco says:

        Hey Ric, wat betreft mastlengte; er is inmiddels een 5,5 in productie en de 5,8 volgt binnenkort, allebei op een 400 mast. De 4,9/5,2/5,5/5,8 op 1 mast. 4,6/4,3 op een 370 en 4,0/3,7 op 340. De zeilen zijn lang door te varen maar een 4,6 is geen complete vervanging voor een 4,0. De highend van de 4,6 is lowend/gemiddelde trim voor een 4,0 schat ik in en daarmee dek je dikke windkracht 7 sessies wel af.

        • Onbehouwen says:

          OK Jacco, thx. Zou moeten lukken in combinatie met m’n 3.7 Ice. Ideaal zou zijn om de hele boel om te zetten naar een goede set KS3, maar dat kost nog effe teveel helaas.

  2. Jacco says:

    Today,sideoff 26-38 knots and headhigh waves, with moments that 4,0 would have been no problem, the 4,9 did a great job. Pulled the outhaul and the sail still had good control, so a huge windrange. Respect to the design-team!

  3. Jeroen says:

    Zo de KS3 is het nieuwe superzeil.

    150 sessies met een zeil en dat die dan compleet naar de klote is dat is denk ik vrij normaal. De Np die ik had lagen al na 30 sessies uit elkaar.

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