Born : February 9, 1978
Home : Amersfoort
Motto : One day I broke two 100%carbon 370 RDMS within an hour and borrowed from a friend a third 370RDM afterwards. Once again rigging up my 3.3 m2!  #Not going to miss out on a Stormchase!
About me : I’m very passionate about coolest watersport there is. I’ve been windsurfing since I was 8 years old. From my 14th till the day of today I’ve been wavesailing. The last couple of years I’d like to use a GPS aswell. Nearby home cruising up and down the lakes and do some speedsurfing at times. Just love to have more TOW in any way! If its SUP-ing with my (11 year old) son or doing some windsurfing with my 4 year old daughter. I only see my wife windsurfing in her Roxy wetsuit, when its at least 25+ degrees celsius. :-) The best days for sure.
Sponsors:  Support from Maui Ultra Fins and through the
Windsurf sessions in 2013 :
 50 or so

Spots I sailed in Holland :

  • Wijk aan Zee
  • IJmuiden
  • IJmuiderslag
  • Parnassia
  • Bloemendaal aan zee
  • Zandvoort
  • De Zandmotor
  • Scheveningen
  • Texel
  • Egmond aan zee
  • Strand Horst
  • Grevelingenmeer
  • Het Kuitje
  • Muiderberg
  • Mooie Nel
  • Westbroekerplas
  • Uitgeestermeer
  • Westeinderplassen
  • Vinkeveense plassen
  • Reeuwijkse plassen
  • De Palendijk

Spots I sailed worldwide :

  • South-Africa (Sunset, Big Bay, Haakgat, IJzerfontein, Kaappunt, WhiteSands)
  • Gran Canaria (Pozo)
  • Fuerteventura (Corralejo, Sotavento)
  • Venezuela (El Yaque)
  • Dominican Republic (Cabarete)
  • France (Bretagne)
  • Ireland (Brandon Bay, Coumeenole Beach, Inches, Inches Reef, Scraggane Bay)
  • Portugal (Guincho, Costa da Caparica)
  • England (Cornwall, the Bluff, Gwithian, Sennen Cove)

Forum member : (Surfjunky) [Moderator, section: Wave, Freestyle, SUP],,
Events visitor :
Events visitor :
BOOT- Dusseldorf, several PWA events + the yearly Boardkings Windsurfing trip!!
Other boardsports : SUP, Snowboarding

Social Media :

Video album location : Vimeo – Surfjunky

My boards : Wave- FLIKKA Custom ED’s BOX 217x63x103L(trailer/tri) model 2019, Flikka Custom project JC  217x57x83L (twin,trailer,tri,quad,5box) model 2021, WaveWarrior Malibu custom (single)

Race/Slalom/Speed- AB+46, AB+54, AB+59, Mistral AB+123L

SUP- Naish Hokua GT 9.5  + Starboard Element Silver 9,8
My sails :
Wave- Point-7 SWAG 2013 3.2, 3.7, 4,2m2   5-Oceans custom sails, 4batten 4.6m2, 5batten 5.0m2, 5.3m2, 5.6m2 & 6.2m2.

Race/Speed: Point-7 AC1 2K12 7.9m2, AC1 2k13 7.2m2, AC1 2k13 6.3m2AC1 2K11 5.6m2
Kiddy-rig: Prolimit Waterman 1.0 m2 lady ‘Dora’ edition including the Starboard IDO :-)

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