Born : August 28, 1965
Home : Den Haag / Scheveningen
Motto : Enjoy life, chase dreams !
About me : Started 30 years ago, when everybody started windsurfing, traffic jams to surfshops at sunday, Schellinkhout and a surfcar behind the bike etc. Started wavesurfing at Egmond with custom made boards we built ourselves together with the guys I was working with at the windsurfschool Geestmerambacht when I was 18. Driving to the beach with a Citroen Mehari, loaded with gear and hanging out in Bergen… good times! Picked up windsurfing when I was living in Heemskerk with Wijk aan Zee as my homespot. Now, as I’m living the closest to the beach ever, I enjoy windsurfing more than ever with about 100 sessions a year. Scheveningen is my homespot and with the Zandmotor at 10 minutes drive, good spots in my backyard! I usually block a morning, afternoon or evening in my agenda to be able to go out everyday if possible.
Sponsors : Of course the as sponsor of Boardkings!, but thnx to Bregje (my wife) who is very supportive.
Windsurf sessions in 2011 :
Session logs : (Jacco Bergsma)

Spots I sailed in Holland :

  • Scheveningen
  • Zandmotor
  • Zandmotor Zuid
  • Ter Heijde
  • Scheveningen Zuid
  • IJmuiden
  • Zandvoort
  • Egmond
  • Wijk aan Zee
  • Ouddorp
  • Makkum
  • Schellinkhout
  • Andijk
  • Uitgeestermeer

Spots I sailed worldwide :

  • Lac Serre Poncon (France)
  • Cocoa Beach (Florida)
  • Ireland (Brandon Bay, Coumeenole Beach, Scraggane Bay)
  • Wissant (France)
  • Wimereux (France)

Forum member : (Jacco Bergsma)
Events visitor :
Worldcup Scheveningen 1983, NK wave windsurf, Easy Riders Festival
Windsurf Articles : Check this website! More to come during windless periodes and flatness-nightmares otherwise TOW, go out!
Events organised : Almost a long distance open water race, cancelled because the wind let us down. Visit !
Other boardsports : Snowboarding since the beginning of the sport more than 30 years ago. Homemade snowboards with waterskibindings for the first rides at the Alpes. Not allowed to take up in the lifts at that time, so I hiked a lot! I try to ride POW every year for a couple of days, I’m not interested in riding prepared slopes, to me it’s all about POW!
Interests : In my work at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and KNLTB I work a lot with students in a sportscontext in combination with effective human behaviour which is very inspiring!

Social Media :

Video album location : YouTube – jaccowindsurf
Web album location : Picasa – Jacco Bergsma

My boards : Wave-  Quatro Thruster LS 82 (2013) + Quatro Thruster LS 102 (2013)  SUP-  Starboard Pocket Rocket (2013) Paddle– Quickblade Kanaha Magic
My sails :
Wave-  NP Atlas (2012) 6,2/5,4/4,7/4,0

5 Comments to "PROFILE JACCO"

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  2. Martijn says:

    Lol jacco, i didn’t knew you were part of boardkings?:D


    • Jacco says:

      Ha Martijn! Leuk dat je me hier gevonden hebt, haha! Het concept van Boardkings spreekt me erg aan en we zijn druk bezig om het verder te laten groeien. We zijn allemaal erg gek van windsurfen en passen onze agenda’s daar zoveel mogelijk op aan. We zijn geen pro’s maar fanatieke en progressing amateurs en staan daardoor dichtbij de meeste surfmaatjes. We proberen een bijdrage te leveren om de sport te laten groeien en nog leuker te maken door verschillende initiatieven. Volgende maand gaan we bijvoorbeeld met 15 man naar Brandon Bay! CU on the water!
      grtz Jacco

      • Martijn says:

        Haha, nou je bent niet de enige, ik heb alleen het probleem dat ik niet z’n al te soepele agenda heb om die zomaar te veranderen ;(, helaas. Lijkt me leuk… Trouwens je maakt me wel jaloers met julli Brandon Bay trip. maar ik ben er vanaf 2 oktober niet, dus kan sowieso al niet mee, mocht er nog plek zijn…

        Cu on the water mate.

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