Born : October 19, 1973
Home : Spijkenisse
Motto : Dream, but live in the moment !
About me : I started sailing on my 12th year on a Wayler Ypsi that belonged to the father of my friend Stephen. After a few sessions with lots of falling I had my first planing experience and I was hooked to that feeling instantly!! From that time on I just had to sail and be on the water as much as I could. I even didn’t buy new clothes because I wanted to have my own gear.  A little later I bought myself  a second hand Ten Cate Runner… a Sainval Maui… an F2 Starlit and in 1993 I bought my first new board, an F2 Axxis 255!  That board I still shining  in my living room, so many good memories! :-)

In 2007,  I switched from flat-water to the sea… and whooow… I should have done that way earlier!  This is what I live for… the waves, the rush, the adrenaline!!! Great feeling and I enjoyed every time I spent on or near the water (as long as there are waves HA HA). In 2007 , I also picked up bodyboarding, and I’ve even been on a trip to Hossegor in 2008,  it is a great sport also. As I got better and better in the windsurfing at sea I started to spend more time in windsurfing… and  this is still my number one activity

I also tried kitesurfing and I think it is great and spectacular, but I found the learning period quite dangerous.  I had a surfboard also (Bic Mini Malibu 7.3) and I was able to stand up quite soon, but the swimming on the arms is really hard. Since last year I have bought myself a SUP and for me, this is a great no-wind alternative… all together: I love the water, wind and surfing feeling!
Sponsors :
Windsurf sessions in 2012 :
54  (and 18 SUP sessions)
Session logs : (Ridge255)

Spots I sailed in Holland :

  • Bernisse
  • Grevelingen
  • Brouwersdam
  • Oosterschelde
  • Schellinkhout
  • Hoorn
  • Terschelling- Waddenzee (Groene Strand)
  • Ouddorp – Flauwe Werk
  • Ouddorp – Zandbank
  • Maasvlakte oud – 3e trap
  • Maasvlakte oud – Slag Dobbelsteen
  • Maasvlakte 2
  • Scheveningen
  • Scheveningen-Zuid
  • Zandmotor
  • Ter Heijde
  • IJmuiden
  • Wijk aan Zee

Spots I sailed worldwide :

  • Ireland (Brandon Bay, Coumeenole Beach, Scraggane Bay)

Forum member : (Ridge255)
Events visitor :
BOOT, HISWA, PWA Worldcup Scheveningen 1987
Other boardsports : SUP, Bodyboard (not very active), Wave (very few times), Snowboard (beginner) and did do wakeboarding a few times.

Social Media :

Video album location :

Photo album location :

My boards : Wave- Starboard Evo 91 (2006)Starboard Quad 81 (2010)  SUP- Quatro
My sails :
Wave- Ezzy wave SE (2005-2008) 3.7 / 4.2  / 4.7  /  5.2  / 5.8  / 6.3

6 Comments to "PROFILE RICHARD"

  1. Peter says:

    Welcome Richard! Can’t wait to sail with you soon.

  2. erik says:

    Hello to our new member!! Will be good for many movie clips 😉

  3. Martijn says:

    Good to see that also Richard made it into Boardkings 😉

    Thumbs up…

  4. Edwin says:

    Welcome to the team Richard!

    and most important thing is..

    Long lines and no Wanking.. ‘Jem Says’

    See you soon on the water mate!

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