The BoardKings website was created in 2003 by Bart ter Haar as his personal website about windsurfing. The website was build for a small group of local windsurfers and was used by Dutch windsurfers as a local weather station, guestbook and a place to drop windsurf pictures and movies. The website changed little by little over the past years and gathered a loyal group of followers. In 2012 the website has received the biggest update ever and ‘Team BoardKings’ has been introduced to the public due to a colaboration of Bart and Peter! Bart already ran the website and was looking for some inspiration and help to give the website a complete overhaul. Peter was looking for a partner to create a unique team of windsurfers. When they joined forces they created this website.

This website is build for all boardsport fanatics. Enjoy every minute of being on the water, enjoy this website and join us to push our boardsports to a higher level!

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